These awards are broken into Startup, Scaleup and Established Supplier and represent the major categories of proptech.

Administration & Efficiency

These awards are designed for proptechs that support back-end office operations, process and efficiency improvements and deliver process automation and optimisation in property, construction and real estate businesses. Examples include but are not limited to: CRM systems, back-end office management and workflow systems, new process enablement, end-to-end transaction management, documentation, cyber security, compliance and governance management and automations that improve general efficiency or outcomes. 

Asset & Facilities Management

Proptechs that enter these awards provide property owners with the platforms and tools to better manage, improve or realise the value from property assets, predominantly in the commercial sector. They may also provide superior property experiences for occupants by supporting faster, more efficient or effective facilities management. Examples include but are not limited to: commercial property management systems, proptechs that allow property owners to deliver value from previously unrealised or underperforming assets such as carparks and common areas, facility management and maintenance platforms, digital twin technology, asset valuation systems, asset condition reporting systems, access management and security systems. 

Consumer Proptech

Proptechs entering the Consumer Proptech awards provide solutions directly to a B2C market. They empower property buyers, sellers, renters, investors or owners to make more confident decisions around property, provide greater choice or have solutions that deliver better, faster, more manageable ownership or rental outcomes. They may also remove friction in the sales and rental processes for consumers. Examples include but are not limited to: agent selection apps, property research, investor-direct management systems, owner-builder solutions or renter apps. 

Data Solutions

These awards are designed for proptechs that capture, analyse, aggregate, process and deliver products and solutions based on big data sets within the property, real estate and construction industries, or which deliver actionable insights from that data that is highly valued by end users. Examples include but are not limited to: proptechs specialising in data capture or data architecture, proptechs that provide reports and research, CMA providers, or proptechs that are using new datasets to deliver products to end users, APIs and products that support better data management or exchange. 

Property Management & Maintenance

These awards are designed for proptechs that improve property management and maintenance outcomes through process, efficiency or business enhancements that make life easier for property managers and/or renters, predominantly in the residential sector. Examples include but are not limited to: PM systems, trust accounting, strata management systems, maintenance management solutions or platforms that support better engagement and communication with renters and occupants. 

Sales & Marketing

Proptechs that enter these awards improve the sales and marketing functions and lead generation processes for property, construction and real estate businesses. They may also support sales growth, onboarding and client stickiness, advertising, promotion or provide their clients with a competitive advantage when it comes to winning sales. Examples include but are not limited to: lead generation systems, marketing automation, marketing nurture systems, social and email marketing systems, presentation and sales sign-up platforms or proptechs which improve how properties are presented, marketed and advertised, including floorplans, photography and virtual options. 

Valuation & Financial Solutions

These awards are designed for proptechs that tackle issues and provide solutions around property valuations, financing, payment, insurance and property purchasing that make it easier for buyers, sellers, builders, renters and investors to understand the value of property and/or transact more easily. Examples include but are not limited to: mortgage and insurance solutions, valuation software, bridging loan alternatives, payment solutions for sellers or renters, or any other form of credit, payment or valuation service. 

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