In submitting an entry to the Proptech Awards, entrants agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the awards. 

Entrant Eligibility

Entry is free to Proptech Association Australia members and you MUST be a financial member to qualify for an award. An entry will not be deemed complete until membership is confirmed or the entrant pays the membership fee to join the association. Entries submitted without a valid membership will be removed from judging.

Entrant Authority

In submitting an entry to the awards, the entrant agrees that they have the authority of the proptech to enter the awards on behalf of the proptech, takes full responsibility for the accuracy of their entry and agrees to take responsibility for any fees or charges associated with that entry. This applies especially to third parties who enter on behalf of their clients such as PR or marketing consultancies. If you enter on behalf of a client, it is your responsibility to ensure your client is a paid member BEFORE submitting an entry.


The Proptech Awards are an annual awards program and entries must focus on achievements and the progress made over the past 12 months - to the period ending May 6, 2024. Preference will be given to entries that articulate their innovation over a 12-month period rather than a general overview.

Category selection

Entrants agree to make every effort to ensure they select the right category for their entry and to correctly identify if their proptech is a startup, scaleup or established supplier. All categories will be reviewed before judging and it is a condition of entry to agree that in the event that an entrant is identified as being in the wrong category by the review panel, the entrant will be removed and placed into a category suitable for their proptech. This may be done without reference to the entrant beforehand.


Separate panels of three judges will consider entries for each award with marking aligned to the established criteria. Judges may then be asked to meet to confirm a joint decision in the event of a very tight score.

Where a category features an extensive number of entries (greater than 20), entries may go through a preliminary judging process before going through to the full panel to ensure manageability and quality of final judging.

Judges are encouraged to judge entries based on the quality of the official answers and materials presented as part of the award submission when scoring. Efforts are made to find judges with knowledge or background in each category. Judges who are associated with an entrant - either as a client, investor, or advisor - will be recused from judging individual entries.

In entering the awards, entrants agree that the judges' decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into post announcement of finalists or winners. Entrants agree that Proptech Association Australia and/or its judges are under no obligation to justify or explain decision-making.

Access to entries post awards

Judges are requested but not obligated to provide comments about entries. Entrants may request a copy of their entry after the awards to see any judges' comments but we cannot guarantee that this will be helpful, and you cannot request to see other entries. Every effort will be made to turn requests around within 10 working days.

IMPORTANT: Multiple entries policy

Each award entry must be unique and represent a single product or service. It is not acceptable to enter the same product or service into multiple categories - even if the entry is rewritten. Entries that are deemed to have breached this condition will be removed from judging without reference to the submitter.

A single product or service is defined as having its own unique functionality, customer and/or business model. If you have more than one product or service, you may enter each separately. But if you have just one product or service, you must enter it only once in the award category that is the best fit.

For example, if you are a Startup, it is likely that you have just one product. Let’s say it is a rental solution - which is your entire business with revenue coming from property managers, even if tenants benefit from the improved service. As such, you’d enter once under the Property Management & Maintenance Award in the Startup category.

You are NOT permitted to try to enter this product for multiple awards, such as Property Management & Maintenance, Administration & Efficiency and Consumer Proptech - hoping that one of the three would be successful. In this event, awards organisers will remove duplicates from judging without notice.

However, if you are a Scaleup or Established Supplier, you may have multiple products, each with its own business model. As an example, let’s say one is a sales and marketing solution, one is a back-office solution and a third is a direct-to-consumer research site. As such, you could submit three separate entries - one for a Sales & Marketing Award, the second for Administration & Efficiency and the third for the Consumer Proptech Award. All would be submitted in the Established Supplier category.

The multiple-entry policy also stands for the Open Awards. You cannot submit the same entry into both an Open Award and a Divisional Award. As an example, if you are an off-the-plan sales solution, you would need to decide if you want to enter the Divisional Award for Sales & Marketing, OR the Open Award for Off The Plan. But if your solution was made up of two distinct products, such as a CRM component and a consumer app, you would be able to enter the two products into the two separate awards.

If you are unclear about whether your product/s qualify for their own award entry, please email awards@proptechassociation.com.au.

Tips to completing your entry


Email: members@proptechassociation.com.au

Whatsapp: +61401673329

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