Born global to accelerate company growth

Born global to accelerate company growth

Australian proptechs might be basing themselves on home soil, but many are “born global” with early expectations of expanding to international markets.

Speakers on the “Accelerating for Growth” panel at this year’s Proptech Forum noted that Australia, in isolation, was a small market.

REACH managing partner Peter Schravemade led the discussion with Marie-Anne Lampotang (Stone and Chalk), Paula Guino (Austrade) and Stuart Dullard (Ashurst).

Marie-Anne Lampotang: “Australia is a small place so a lot of the companies we are seeing are born global. In terms of looking for investments, if they don’t have that mindset where they are going to go overseas and access a bigger market, they have smaller chances of raising more capital.”

Paula Guino: “There is a whole process of market readiness and how to fit into that market … so there is a lot of work that needs to be done to going global and then actually committing to that market.”

Stuart Dullard: “What we generally look to do is get the structure right. Depending on the nature of the country, we’ll help them establish there, and then getting the tax structuring right, the funding, the employment agreements. They’re the kind of things that are, admittedly less exciting … but measuring twice and cutting once really does help to get those fundamentals right.”

Watch the full panel discussion at the Proptech Forum 2022 for more insights on accelerating for growth and expanding internationally.