Brand New Award in the Australian Proptech Awards 2022: The Proptech Leader of the Year

Brand New Award in the Australian Proptech Awards 2022: The Proptech Leader of the Year

Our annual proptech awards are open for entry, and there is a brand new award to be won this year: The Proptech Leader of the Year Award!

This award is open to founders or executive team members within proptechs of
all levels. Entrants for this award should be able to articulate their personal
philosophy about leadership, the values they hold and the work they do to
embody those values across their organisation and more broadly.


Entrants should address how their leadership attributes have supported their
personal and business achievements through one or more of the following

  • Strategy and vision for their proptech and/or the broader industry they serve
  • Financial goals or growth for their business
  • How they support the development and wellness of their team/s or colleagues
  • Engagement with customers
  • How they have overcome specific challenges within the business
  • Work/Life balance
  • Broader community and stakeholder engagement
  • Commitment to personal and professional growth and development

Demonstration of these values through examples and/or testimonials will be
regarded favourably by judges. It is recommended entries should specify not
just general statements but evidence and tangible outcomes from their
Each entry must be accompanied with a “head and shoulders” photograph of
the entrant and (if applicable) their company logo. These must be attached
with your entry in our online awards system.

Full Leadership Awards Criteria

  • 30% – Overview of the values they hold important as a leader and how they embody those values within the organisation.
  • 40% – Explain specific aspects of their leadership and how they have achieved quality outcomes for their proptech and/or challenges they have faced and how their leadership skills supported great outcomes.
  • 15% – Describe the structures and processes they have put in place within the business, department or area of influence to lock in positive outcomes longer term and how they mirror their values.
  • 15% – Outline ‘what comes next’ including any future challenges or opportunities they perceive, and how they intend to continue their development personally or for their team.

Does this sound like you? Don’t hesitate, enter today! Go to our awards platform to enter.