Data Army launches Proptech Cloud hub

Data Army launches Proptech Cloud hub
Young businessman siting in front of computer monitor and analyzing online financial statistics

Australian data consultancy Data Army has launched a specialised industry educational hub, The Proptech Cloud, as it strives to foster a data-driven community and empower businesses working with proptech data.

Its aim is to share industry knowledge and expertise to improve problem solving, enhance collaboration and support the community to develop innovative solutions to complex problems.

The Proptech Cloud centralises educational content, property data listings and the latest insights, trends and advancements in the world of data powering real estate.

“With decades of experience working with data at every level of the ecosystem, we have unfortunately seen it all,” a Data Army spokesman said.

“We understand how valuable data is to our clients, but handling unpredictable data is a specialisation in itself, and something we pride ourselves on.

“A deep understanding of how poorly managed and bad data can impact business efficiencies has driven us to architect and develop with the sole aim of democratising data in a safe, secure and reliable way.

“Our enablement is significantly enhanced with the emergence of server-less technologies, and why we choose to specialise in this area.

The Proptech Cloud Knowledge Hub provides handy information on technology fundamentals such as data domains, technology applications, inferences and analytics and, compliance and legislation.