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REIF 2022

Proptech Association Australia is pleased to be partnering with the Real Estate Innovation Festival (REIF 2022), to create a new national event that brings together the game changers of the real estate industry. The live event takes place at the Sydney Hilton on November 9 and 10, but you can also tune in with a virtual ticket.

PTAA has negotiated special exhibition options for our members. Early stage companies can now join for as little as $2500 + GST in the Start-up Alley. And there is a special pricing for our members for premium spots including custom exhibition spaces, seminar speaking slots and conference tickets.

Contact john@futureplace.tech for this special offer.

SAVE $100!


Save the day and book your tickets, Australia’s first national proptech conference specifically for and by proptechs is happening on October 13. In this jam-packed day of big ideas, hosted by Proptech Association Australia, we will explore the technology, market trends and issues on the horizon that impact how we conceive, develop, promote and scale proptech solutions. As a PTAA member you save $100 and can purchase a discounted ticket for just $295.

SAVE $150!


Bring your team along to Australia’s first national proptech conference and as a member you will save $150 off individual full-priced tickets. Buy five tickets and for just $245 each, your team members will enjoy a day of insights, problem-solving, new perspectives and connection. With a combination of keynote speakers, panels and round table workshops, we'll uncover how Australia's most successful proptechs get results.

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