Homegrown proptech startup bringing the industry and technology together

Homegrown proptech startup bringing the industry and technology together

Disruptive proptech company LandNow is bringing builders and developers together with a live online  marketplace to manage, search and secure land.

In a first for the industry, prop-tech startup LandNow launched in November in Perth, with a massive 200 RSVPs from the building and property development industry gathering in one room.

Hosted by comedian Arj Barker, and joined by LandNow’s founders and advisory board, the event was deemed a roaring success by those who attended, all looking to learn more about their proprietary online platform, showcasing available land via best-in-class mapping, providing a real-time, accurate inventory on available, held or sold land stock.

Led by industry professional Tony McEntee, the founders of LandNow saw the opportunity to provide the industry with a far better solution to the paper-based land inventories relied on by a huge chunk of the industry. With up to 93% of land sales in Western Australia referred by a building partner, the team knew there had to be a better way.

“For so long, builders and developers have been relying on antiquated methods to search and secure land. Live inventory and digital mapping solutions will save builders 30 hours per month and give them the tools to create a more personalised service for buyers. For the developers, the efficiencies in shortening the buyer journey and receiving real-time data will change how they operate, resulting in a better buying experience for the customer,” Tony explains.

The founders, including Tony McEntee, Melbourne-based Paul Wilson and Gold Coast-based Peter Joseph, along with advisory board members Steve Collier and Kylie Davis, have designed and built the proprietary software from scratch. The feedback from the industry during development has ensured it is a tailor-made solution for the industry.

Kylie Davis, founder and president of the Proptech Association Australia, and member of the LandNow advisory board, is a strong supporter of what the platform can do for the industry.

“There are over 480 prop-techs across Australia, and one of the fastest growing categories is tech in the property development and construction space,” said Kylie. “The reason for this is because the tools we use to transact – phones, signboards, pricelists and contracts – have remained largely unchanged for decades with us just upgrading from mail to fax to email. But these tools are slow and inefficient, and in an era of cybercrime, risky. This is why the work that prop techs like LandNow do is so important – they are making it  faster, more efficient, less stressful and safer to buy house and land packages.”