Kylie Davis

Founder & President

Kylie Davis is a proptech entrepreneur, commentator and speaker on proptech and innovation in real estate and the host of The Proptech Podcast. She is the founder of her own startup, Real Content, and a co-founder of content marketing automation proptech HomePrezzo which was acquired by ActivePipe this year.

Kylie has an MBA from the University of NSW and a 25-year career across media and big data, holding senior editorial and marketing roles at Fairfax, News Corp and CoreLogic and now consults to a range of technology companies including OpenAgent, ActivePipe and Dynamic Methods.

Peter Schravemade 

Vice President

Peter’s experience in accelerating property technology coupled with his knowledge of business make him one of the most well known people in proptech. He is the Managing Partner for REACH ASEA and was formerly the global director of sales, marketing, and revenue for

Peter is regarded as one of property’s most influential people in the Asia/Pacific region and his words have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, the List,, Inman News, countless NAR articles, and in scores of other major publications across the United States, Europe, the UK, and the Asia/Pacific region. Most recently Peter was accepted as a contributor and member of the Forbes Magazine Business Development Council.

Marie-Anne Lampotang

Secretary & Treasurer

Marie-Anne is the Sydney General Manager of Stone & Chalk. Founded in Fintech, Stone & Chalk is shaping the future of emerging tech sectors by catalyzing commercial success across our impact network. We support startups and scaleups by providing structured programs and facilitating access to customers, capital, talent, expertise, community and insights.

As the GM of the Sydney hub, Marie-Anne is responsible for all product and servicing offerings in Sydney including the collaborative spaces over 4,200m2 in the Sydney Startup Hub above Wynyard Station in the CBD.

Marie-Anne has a keen interest in startups and scaleups operating at the intersection of fintech and proptech the growing opportunities available to proptechs in the current environment. She has extensive experience in property management, financial and professional services.

Cecille Weldon

Director, Chair of ESG Committee

Cecille Weldon is founder of Weldonco Advisory and Future Agent Academy. She is an innovative thinker with a proven track record in an ability to see opportunities in unexpected places and enhance business and social sector growth and engagement.

She is considered a subject matter expert in the convergence between sustainability, energy efficiency, property and property value in the residential property sector and has been a tireless advocate for change in the real estate sector. Cecille has participated in numerous research projects and held key advisory roles concerning the future of residential housing over the last 10 years and is a member of the REEDI Governance Forum which will deliver recommendations on the national Framework for Disclosure of Residential Energy Efficiency Information.

A proptech entrepreneur in her own right, Cecille created and developed the Banksia award-winning Liveability Features Framework and Liveability Appraisal Proptech for residential real estate agents which was acquired by CSIRO. She holds a BADip Ed and is an experienced and award-winning course creator and facilitator.

John Minns


Connecting people, proptech and performance is a passion for John.

As a leader in the residential property sector for over 25 years, John has been part of the evolution of real estate in Australia. He is a passionate advocate for delivering transformation and great client experiences through technology.

John is an ongoing investor and partner in real estate and technology. In 2021 he took on a contract as the NSW Property Services Commissioner with a focus in sector uplift through professional standards, innovation, and trusted and customer centric regulation.

AJ Chand


AJ Chand is a dynamic proptech entrepreneur who has founded multiple startups and mentors early-stage property technology start-ups.

With expertise in product design and go-to-market strategies, AJ is passionate about leveraging technology to improve the real estate industry.

His collaborations with organisations tackling homelessness and community challenges demonstrate his commitment to proptech for good.

Featured in prestigious media outlets like AFR, Channel 7, Channel 9, and SKYNEWS, AJ is renowned for his innovative approach and community impact.

As a licensed real estate agent and a technologist, he offers invaluable advice to founders, ensuring their technology aligns with industry needs.

Advisory Committee

Kylie Dillon

WA & SA Chapter

David Howell

Residential Advisory Committee

Carolyn Trickett

Commercial Property Advisory Committee

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