Meet the Members: Ray Dib, Joshua Theeuf, & Matt Stone of MyBond

Meet the Members: Ray Dib, Joshua Theeuf, & Matt Stone of MyBond

Can you give us the elevator pitch for MyBond?

MyBond is a service that is unique & the first of its kind in the world that helps tenants pay their rental bond. Our motto “one week only” means that people pay one week’s rent or as little as $150 with no interest, no repayments, and no credit checks, and MyBond will take care of the rest. 

People move for various reasons, such as moving closer to work, school, university, into a larger place to accommodate a growing family or start a new life. But, moving house costs money, and these expenses quickly add up. MyBond is there to help by cutting the costs of moving. 

We support people to change, take control and open up options for managing finances whilst moving houses. MyBond makes renters’ lives easier by disrupting the rental market, giving people flexibility and choice in how they pay and manage their rental bond and allowing renters to control where and when they want to live. 

MyBond supports people through their property journey by bringing flexibility and control during the often stressful process of finding a suitable property.

MyBond supports people through their property journey by bringing flexibility and control during the often stressful process of finding a suitable property. Our vision is to be the preferred and trusted partner throughout a renter’s life.

Further, MyBond’s social enterprise is enriched by its collaboration with local services and non-profit organisations to assist individuals and families who have been victims of domestic abuse or displaced as a result of homelessness in settling into a new life by offering a new method of paying the initial bond. A program whereby the tenant only pays MyBond’s fee of one week’s rent over 10 months interest-free, fee-free.

What led you to start MyBond?

Ray Dib, CEO and Co-founder, is a renowned business leader in governance, finance, and insurance. He is widely recognised for his community work across Sydney. Ray is a change agent, passionate about helping people and businesses to improve their lives and financial situations. Ray co-funded MyBond to give back to the community by developing an accessible, discrimination-free finance solution.

Joshua Theeuf, COO and co-founder, has founded insurance and green power technology start-ups. An entrepreneur with experience in the start-up and finance industry, passionate about developing and delivering new financial solutions. Josh cofounded MyBond after identifying a need to disrupt the finance industry and offer products across the Australian rental market.

Matt Stone, CTO and co-founder, has led and directed major technology deployments, including greenfield opportunities and is passionate about developing innovative, online accessible services. Matt cofounded MyBond to support people to take control of their living situation and reduce the costs of moving.

What does a typical day at MyBond look like at the moment?

MyBond likes to start each day with a stand-up where every team member is involved. Then, we go around the room to address our goals and tasks for the day ahead; by doing this, team members can share ideas bring up any concerns and queries as this allows us to work together and meet our company goals.  

When the standup finishes, Customer Service will take on a busy day of calls tending to clients and potential clients with their next rental property. The Business Development team will jump straight into contacting leads, finalising deals, and connecting with and brokering deals with affiliates to increase MyBonds growth. 

Across the office, the Marketing Department will begin content creation on MyBond’s social and digital channels to promote and increase brand awareness and through engaging the media and advertisers. 

The Technology team will code the website and build online infrastructure to optimise the customer experience.  While all of this is happening, the MyBond founders will focus on product design, development, and strategies to grow the business. 

MyBond is a high performing business with big goals, and employees have such a strong bond with one another, and no day is the same! 

What media have you been consuming lately?

Josh Theeuf: I have a lot of books I have been reading at the moment. Some of these include Skin in The Game, Never Split the Difference, Atomic Habits, How to Win Friends and Influence People, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Girt. 

Matt Stone: Gödel, Escher, Bach (musings on the meaning of meaning), David Heinemeier Hansson’s blog,,, zillions of text messages telling me a package is on it’s way, and a little too much TikTok.

Ray Dib: The books I am currently reading are Man’s Search for Meaning and Think Like a Monk. 

Who are your inspirations in business and/or life?

MyBond’s Cofounders inspirations in life: 

Josh: “Elon Musk and his go-getting attitude in life – When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.”

Matt: “Personally, my lovely wife of 25 years, mother to our two beautiful daughters, someone who never seems to get tired of telling me where I might find the car keys. Professionally, Bono. Music, activism and entrepreneurship. Top of the tree in all” 

Ray: “Many great leaders and their inspiring quotes” 

What are the benefits and challenges of working in proptech, such an emerging, innovative industry?

At MyBond we don’t have many significant challenges working in the PropTech industry, the one challenge that stands out is market education – that is ensuring people understand that property can be done differently, especially renting.

Who would you like to collaborate with in the industry?

MyBond is open to and would like to collaborate with everyone! We appreciate all industries, not just PropTech and FinTech. Currently, MyBond is working with a diverse range of service partners and providers to promote, collaborate and add value to our business and tenants. 

What are you and your company excited for within your company and within the industry in 2022?

We are excited to reach our one-year milestone that will take this humble start-up to a scale-up. Since its launch in March 2021, MyBond has helped almost a thousand Australians move into their dream dwelling in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and beyond. At MyBond we want to support tenants during their life cycle of the tenancy, from when they are in their first rental property to when they are in their first house.

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