Why you should join Proptech Association Australia

The Proptech Association Australia is a community of technology providers who promote the use of technology inside the property, real estate and construction industries. We want to lead the conversation about how proptech can help deliver better experiences in how we list, sell, buy, rent, build and manage property.

We’re a not-for-profit industry association that believes we need a bigger vision for proptech in Australia that is not motivated by hitting next quarter’s number or to better an individual bottom line. Together – collaboratively – we believe we can increase and speed up adoption and grow the market exponentially.

When you join you’ll get: 

Opportunities to build and promote your business at our real and virtual events including speaking, presentation and pitches

Connection to the global world of proptech

Networking and opportunities to collaborate with like-minded technology providers

Updates on accelerators, scale-up and business growth programs.

Exclusive member discounts to Proptech Events and exclusive member-only events.

Free entry to our Proptech Awards (more news very soon!)

Right to use the Proptech Association logo on your website and promote yourself as a member.

Voting rights at our AGM

Membership Levels

Join the Proptech Association Australia and become part of a community of innovators passionate about improving the property industry.

Startups & Scaleups


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Pricing Plans

What is a Proptech?

A proptech is any business that delivers a technology solution to the property, real estate or construction industry. This includes solving problems in the design stage, ownership, property management, building management, buying, selling, renting, financing or insuring. Businesses may be B2C or B2B facing. 

Who is eligible to be a Proptech Association member?

You are eligible to become a Proptech Association member if your business meets the definition of a proptech, has a presence in Australia and offers a technology platform.

What about businesses that offer services to the proptech industry?

Under the Proptech Association Australia’s definition, an organisation offering consulting or general services (without a technology platform base) is defined as an Associate. A supplier of outsourced software engineering and related services can apply to be an Associate. 

What about businesses that operate in the property sector and are highly innovative?

We understand that many real estate and property businesses are highly innovative and early adopters of technology however under the Proptech Association Australia’s definitions, this does not meet the definition of a proptech. However, it does make you an innovative industry leader! We would love to have you as part of the association as an Associate or Sponsor.

What is the definition of a startup?

Startup businesses are usually up to three years old and may be working on an MVP or have developed a product, and are in the process of winning their first customers or starting to attract clients.

What is the definition of a scaleup?

Scaleup businesses have been operating continuously in the proptech sector for a minimum of three years but less than 10 years. They have a viable product and are rapidly scaling their business and technology.

What is the definition of an Established Supplier Proptech?

Established proptech supplier members are established technology businesses that have been working in the property or real estate space for more than 10 years. They are major corporations with well-known technology that has achieved significant market share.

Why are corporate established supplier memberships more expensive than startups and scaleups?

Our membership fee structure recognises that large companies have multiple internal stakeholders who will benefit from membership of the Association.

What is an Associate?

Associates are businesses that are part of the proptech ecosystem and who value being associated with the innovation coming out of the proptech community, and have a for-profit incentive of being part of the association. Associates include real estate groups, proptech investment groups, event businesses or professional service providers offering products and services to our members. 

Why are Associates more expensive than memberships when they don’t get a vote?

Associates receive unique opportunities to connect with our members and to pay to play to engage with them further. Like our sponsors, they also receive preferential treatment when the association is looking to partner to create new events and initiatives for our members. Associates do not get a vote at the Proptech Association AGM to ensure that the Proptech Association Australia at all times remains directed by members of the proptech industry. If becoming an associate is not suitable, Proptech Follower provides a free sign up to our newsletter and updates on events. 

What is a Sponsor?

A sponsor can be a Member or Associate who wishes to have a broader and deeper engagement with the members of the Association. If you would like to know more about sponsorships, please get in touch here.

What is a Proptech Community Partner?

Our community partners are proptech industry associations around the globe and not-for-profit and/or community organisations that support the goals of the Proptech Association of Australia in representing Australian proptech globally. Our Community Partnerships involve reciprocal engagements. 

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