Place Estate Agents now open 24/7 with Propic

Place Estate Agents now open 24/7 with Propic

Queensland’s Place Estate Agents has chosen to partner with Australian real estate PropTech innovator, Propic, to use its impressive Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to respond any time of day or night to booming sales and rental inquiries in Australia’s hottest property market, Brisbane.

Starting in March, Place will activate Propic’s Enliven natural language AI experience for visitors to its website, as well as handling all sales and rental enquiries received via email, Facebook Messenger and real estate portals. The number of enquiries previously handled individually and manually through these channels has been increasing exponentially in the past 6-12 months.

Propic Enliven is now trained in the language, style and tone of voice a Place representative normally uses, ready to anticipate and answer commonly asked questions and engage in conversations. Any issues requiring human intervention get flagged to the relevant professional, and every interaction stored to ensure a people-first history is on always on hand.

In addition, Place will soon be using Propic Reveal, a vendor lead identification tool that uses predictive intelligence to find potential clients. Reveal also tracks every property listing across Australia to help shape insights on market conditions and drive market appraisals.

The always-on Internet era means around 80% of real estate enquiries happen outside of business hours, and a lot of those aren’t people ready to act.

Damian Hackett

Place CEO, Damian Hackett, says the AI tools from Propic are “brilliant” and will free up his 500-strong team to focus more productively on activities that attract them to working at Place: being the best at helping people “find their happy Place” in Brisbane.

“The always-on Internet era means around 80% of real estate enquiries happen outside of business hours, and a lot of those aren’t people ready to act. Using Propic Enliven to handle initial enquiries means as an agency we’re responding faster any time of day or night. Then our agents and property managers can focus in business hours on work requiring their level of expertise and personal connections, building better, stronger, long-term relationships, and helping more people find their happy place,” says Mr Hackett.

“Real estate is more high touch than ever these days because people need people to help navigate such extraordinary times. The promise of PropTech is automating predictable things so property professionals can focus on moments that matter to their clients. We were looking for PropTech solutions to measurably reduce my teams’ workload while keeping client satisfaction high. Propic’s AI tools are the best and most intuitive I’ve seen,” says Mr Hackett.

Proptech amplifies human-touch in real estate

David Choi, Propic’s Commercial Officer says proptech amplifies the very human experience of real estate for both the customer, and hard-working real estate professionals who’ve been under extraordinary pressure in recent times.

“Brisbane is a super-hot property market but there’s no reason real estate professionals need to burn out in it. A national research report called Voice of the Property Manager released recently by one of our partners, MRI Software, found 23 percent of property managers are feeling burnt out and thinking about leaving the industry.

“The MRI report tells us access to adaptable technology, and more time doing the parts of the job they love, would make them stay. Place Estate Agents are the go-to local experts for the Brisbane market and with this investment in our AI-technology they’re showing they’re among the best at looking after their own people, too,” says Mr Choi.

Propic founder and CEO, Jeffery Gray, says Place is the latest in a growing surge of innovative agencies across Australia embracing the vision and reality of AI in real estate borne from his own frustration as an aspiring agent. “I spent more hours than I care to remember as a real estate agent wearing out my shoes going door to door and making calls to people who didn’t want to hear from me. Our people-first property intelligence tools are changing the game for agencies, making growth and the wellbeing of their staff equally achievable.”

Propic’s deeply impressive conversational AI proptech uses a hybrid of Linguistic and Machine Learning (ML) models along with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Customer Intent Frameworks to engage in intelligent conversations using the tone of voice, style and property expertise expected from Place.

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