Propic launches AI platform that speaks 14 languages

Propic launches AI platform that speaks 14 languages

A new generative artificial intelligence platform, which can converse with clients in 14 languages, is set to go live this month with more than 60 real estate brands already on board.

Created by Australian proptech Propic, the platform dubbed “Claire” is fully autonomous and powered by proprietary pre-trained models designed for real estate and combined with large language capability. 

Backed by View Media Group, Propic’s technology was designed to redefine consumer and agent experiences in real estate across various touch points – from managing buyer and leasing enquiries to general customer service and property management automation.  

Propic Founder and CEO Jeffery Gray said Claire could communicate in real-time via emails, engage consumers on websites and portals, and send out SMS messages. “Leveraging generative AI, (Claire’s) conversational capabilities are equal to or better than most humans,” Mr Gray said. 

“It’s not just a milestone for the Australian market but a revolutionary step for the global real estate industry. 

“What truly sets Claire apart is its ability to augment property features from agency systems, extract data from the internet and Propic’s data lake of property data, converse in 14 different languages, and serve customers 24/7.”

View Media Group executive chairman Antony Catalano said generative artificial intelligence was the next step in VMG’s rollout as it continued to build a real estate super store.

“Propic stands as a powerful testament to the idea that, in the hands of true experts, AI has the potential to transform not just how we interact, but also how we nurture relationships, conduct our work and achieve our goals within the real estate sector,” Mr Catalano said.

“By investing in Propic’s latest product capabilities, we are signalling a shift that is poised to inspire the real estate market worldwide.”

Some of Australia’s leading real estate brands have already signed pre-orders and Claire is expected to start serving property buyers and renters from this month. 

“This is really five years in the making,” Mr Gray said. “Twelve months ago we decided to rebuild our platform from scratch and invest heavily in generative AI. 

“As a result, we will be announcing over the coming weeks, a series of partnerships signed with our first 64 brands onboarded and ready for go-live. 

“To date, market response is better than we anticipated, agents are genuinely blown away by the platform’s capabilities.”

Among Claire’s features is a buyer management tool which helps real estate agents handle enquiries in real time. When agents sync their listings with Claire, the AI system automatically augments the property features by drawing data from the listing and external online resources. 

Claire also creates a unique ‘micro listing’ for each property, facilitating real-time conversations with potential buyers. It can talk generally about the market as it relates to a specific property, providing detailed AI-generated responses that lead interested buyers to these microsites for immersive, nuanced discussions about the property.  

The platform can process a property in 0.2 seconds and handle 680 million properties a year.  

Founded in 2019, Propic’s conversational AI and data solutions span sales, property management, project marketing and franchise management. Its customer base includes Australia’s leading real estate brands and premium boutique agencies and groups. 

Propic’s largest minority shareholder is View Media Group, a real estate digital media and agent services business comprising a suite of consumer and business solutions proptech platforms. Seven West Media and ANZ bank have invested in VMG, and both have representatives on the VMG board.