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The first dedicated,

national awards for

Australia’s Proptech sector are here!

It’s time the innovators in real estate and property had their own awards and a chance to celebrate!

The Inaugural Proptech Awards offers 21 awards in all across three main categories – Start-Ups, Scale-Ups and Established Suppliers. This means you’ll be judged against your peers in terms of company size and maturity by our panel of expert judges from across the real estate and property industry. Inside each category are six awards designed to cover off innovation across the gamut of proptech functionality.

If you have a pitch deck, or product presentation, you’ll find it straightforward to answer the key questions that will put you in the running to win.  

A gala dinner to announce the winners will be held in Sydney on Thursday May 27, and broadcast online. Entry to the awards closes on March 19.

Our thanks to Ashurst lawyers and our sponsors who have made the event possible.

Who is Eligible to Enter?

These are the three categories of entrants and their definitions


These businesses will be up to three years old and may be working on an MVP or have developed a product that is in the process of winning its first customers or starting to attract clients.


 These companies will have been operating continuously in the Proptech sector for a minimum of three years but less than 10 years. They have a viable product and are rapidly growing their business and technology.

Established Suppliers

These are companies which have been continuously operating in the property or real estate technology sector for ten years or more. The technology you enter may reflect your entire platform or be a new product.  



Work out the Category that fits your business.

Are you a start-up, scale-up or established supplier?


Check out the specific criteria and questions you need to answer.

We’ve created a download so you can see think about the questions, the information you’ll need to gather and can write up your answers before you go into the awards platform.



Start your entry by registering below. You can save your entry and return and edit it until you are ready to submit.

Categories and Awards

There are three key categories in the Proptech Awards which are based on the eligibility of entrants. The three categories are: Start-Ups, Scale-Ups and Established Suppliers, as outlined above. We’ve set up these three categories to ensure that proptechs are compared ‘like to like’ in terms of business and product maturity.


These awards are designed for proptechs that support process and efficiency improvements in property, construction and real estate businesses. Examples include but are not limited to CRM systems, back end management systems, process, end-to-end transaction management and document management. 


These awards are designed for proptechs that improve the sales and marketing functions of property, construction and real estate businesses, or support sales growth. Examples include but are not limited to lead generation systems, marketing automation, marketing nurture systems, social and email marketing systems, proptechs that make the sales process more transparent for buyers or sellers or make it easier for buyers and sellers to assess their property options, such as virtual walk through, video or marketing presentation technology.  


These awards are designed for proptechs that improve property management and facilities management either through process and efficiency enhancements, or through improving the end user experience of tenants whether residential or commercial. Examples include but are not limited to trust accounting, PM systems, facility management systems, landlord and tenant experience platforms.


These awards are designed for proptechs that tackle issues around property ownership, financing and affordability by expanding property purchasing options, or which deliver better or more transparent and efficient solutions than traditional processes. Examples include but are not limited to new ownership proptechs, property investment platforms, valuation platforms and proptech hybrids that work across mortgages or insurance. 


These awards are designed for proptechs that improve traditional design processes or which support the speed, accuracy and assessment of design outcomes of new developments whether residential or commercial. Examples include but are not limited to site assessment technology, design and CAD technology, virtual design technology, end-to-end design solutions, or any solution that supports greater transparency and easier decision-making for architects, designers, developers or their clients. 


These awards are designed for proptechs that support IoT within buildings and cities to support built spaces that have better environmental, health and community experiences. Examples include but are not limited to proptechs specialising in big data capture, better building and asset lifecycle management, environmental proptechs, health and safety proptechs and community experience proptech. 


of the Year

Inside each category, there is a ‘best of the best’ award, called the Proptech of the Year.

The winners of each of the previous six awards within each category will go into the running for this award.

There are three Proptech of the Year awards, namely:

  • Start-Up Proptech of the Year
  • Scale-Up Proptech of the Year
  • Established Supplier Proptech of the Year


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