Frequently Asked Questions

about the Proptech Awards

Am I a Proptech?

If you design and deliver technology to the property or real estate industry – commercial, residential or both – then the answer is: “Yes”. It will not matter if your company operates in other sectors of the economy. 

Can I enter?

If you are a Proptech (see above): “Yes”. These awards are open to all companies in the Proptech sector no matter how big or small. Entry is free to members of the Proptech Association Australia. If you are not yet a member, you can join here. If you do not wish to join, but still wish to enter, you will be asked to pay an entry fee of $225 per entry. 

These awards are not appropriate for third party integrators and consultants or for agencies or businesses that have introduced technology. ie: A major bank could not enter the awards for a mortgage solution that it had created with the help of a scale-up proptech. But the scale-up proptech could enter the award and cite its partnership with the major bank as evidence of its success. Simply put, the Proptech Awards recognise the work of proptechs!

Do I have to cite commercial-in-confidence information?

No. We recommend you provide information that you feel comfortable about being in the public domain. If you wish to cite growth in profit or sales, you might want to use year-on-year percentages, rather than dollar-revenue.

Will my entry be confidential?    

You can ensure the entry remains “confidential” by marking a checkbox on the awards website when you create your entry. We encourage the sharing of entries so the Proptech community can learn from the best. We believe this contributes to increasing the quality of products and service we provide to our clients and the real estate sector as a whole.

Where do I enter?

First, we recommend you download the PDF called “Awards Criteria”. Work out which category and award you wish to enter, and read the criteria thoroughly.

Go to You will be asked to register and then you can proceed. We recommend you familiarise yourself with the site in advance of creating your entry.

Please be aware that you’ll be asked to fill in fields for each criteria. If you cut and paste your entry content into these fields using Word or similar software, you will lose the formatting and will have to reinstate it using the platform’s editor.

You can attach files of no more than 5mb. Video cannot be uploaded but you can embed a video link that will take judges to a separate video server, such as YouTube or Vimeo. If you password protect a video, make sure you give judges the access details.

Is there a fee to enter?

There is only an entry fee for non-members of Proptech Association Australia, which is $225. We’d actually love you to become a member and join our community of Aussie proptechs working together to grow the industry and drive the conversation about adopting new tech. Membership is just $225. If you join your colleagues, we’ll waive the fee, no worries!

Why should I join the Proptech Association Australia?

Proptech Association Australia is a community of technology providers who want to drive the conversation about how proptech can help deliver better experiences in how we list, sell, buy, rent, build and manage property. We’re a not-for-profit industry association who believe we need a bigger vision for proptech in Australia and that together, we can grow the market exponentially.

When you join you’ll get: 

  • Opportunities to build and promote your business at our real and virtual events including speaking, presentation and pitches
  • Connection to the global world of proptech
  • Networking and opportunities to collaborate with like-minded technology providers
  • Updates on accelerators, scale-up and business growth programs.
  • Exclusive member discounts to Proptech Events, including free entry to our Proptech Awards.
  • Right to use the Proptech Association logo on your website
  • Voting rights at our AGM

Where do I pay?

If you want to only enter the awards and not join the association, state when you register that you are a non-member (there’s a checkbox), and we’ll invoice you. Your entry will not be deemed complete until you’ve paid. That cut-off is the close of entry date: March 19, 2021. 

Are there any restrictions on the information I can provide?

Yes. Even though these are inaugural annual awards, you are asked to provide information and details related to operations conducted in the last 12 months. The 12-month date range is March 19, 2020; to March 19, 2021 (the date entries close). Do not provide details, such as contract wins or technology upgrades, that occurred before March 19, 2020.  

Where do I tell the judges about my company?

You should use the first element of the criteria – “Overview” – to outline details of your company, such as its ownership, leadership and (if relevant) stage of capital raising. You should provide judges with guidance on your company’s size, using staff numbers, the number of offices, or other statistics. Also, use the Overview to explain the target market that your company is addressing. Additional information, such as when the company was established, adds to the general picture.

What’s the best way to explain my technology?

The largest proportion of the marks available focus on your technology but we encourage you not to get too bogged down in the weeds. You should provide judges with a plain-English explanation of the technology. It’s a good idea to cite the addressable market for your technology, and the problem(s) that it promises to resolve, or opportunities that it seeks to create. Focus on both the features as well as the benefits to the client. Hard data to support your market research or similar business assertions in your entry will be highly regarded. Avoid or keep to a minimum technical documentation, such as schematics or use-cases.

Can I attach additional files to my entry?

Yes. When you go on to our awards website, you will see fields that align with the awards criteria. You should fill these in, as per the instructions. You will have the opportunity to attach files. These might include customer endorsements, independent reviews and case studies. Judges will have limited time to spend on each entry, so focus on information that will have the greatest impact. Maximum file size is 5mb.

We’re an established proptech business and just want to enter a new product. Is this okay?

Yes, absolutely! We realise that large players in the proptech space may struggle to capture their entire business in a single entry. We’ve set up the Established Supplier category with the specific intent to encourage long-established technology businesses in real estate and property to submit their latest products and innovations.

Who are the judges?

The judges have been secured from the property, technology, finance and legal sectors, and the broader innovation ecosystem. They understand the dynamics of business and technology. It would be best if you did not assume they will know your company specifically. So, in compiling your entry, ensure each element of the criteria is addressed thoroughly. An independent chairman of judges has been appointed to adjudicate over any issues that may arise.

Do I have to address each element of the criteria?

You should. If you miss one element, a judge will be within their rights to mark that element as zero. The criteria have been designed, in part, to ensure judges treat every entry in the same way.

How does the judging process work?

Once entries close, three judges will be allocated to each award. They will mark separately but then take part in a phone call during which a winner and “highly commended” entries will be agreed. This serves to smooth out common challenges, such as potential bias created by “high” and “low” markers.

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