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Never a better time to be in proptech

Proptech Association Australia’s inaugural Proptech Forum, Disrupting the Disrupters, explored the technology that is happening adjacent to the sector and the market forces happening around it.

The day was wrapped up by New South Wales Property Services Commissioner John Minns who said the Forum had raised a number of items that he was particularly excited about.

“As a passionate property person for quite a number of years, and committed to the innovation and transformation of this industry - and also a slightly nervous investor in proptech - today has re-energised me on any number of fronts,” he told the audience. 

“Because the one thing that I have become more convinced than ever is that if there has ever been a better time to be in proptech in Australia, I haven’t seen it. 

“We’ve heard: the consumer’s there; we know the funding is available; the industry is coming on this journey more than they have ever come on this journey before and, we’ve got competition out there that’s fueling genuine innovation. 

“And if we don’t see that as an enormous opportunity, then I don’t know what an opportunity is.

“What I have seen is some quite amazing energy in this room, some amazing founders and people doing some very creative, very innovative and very smart things. 

“I congratulate you and say: the time is now.”

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Proptech Association Australia

Fred Schebesta



Mina Radhakrishnan



Rita By AIRE



Melissa James


Peter Schravemade


Eleanor Creagh


Ash Farrugia

ActivePipe / Moxiworks

ELiza owen


Peter matthews


Chris Spanos


Marie-Anne Lampotang

Stone & Chalk

Dennis Hoenig


Paula Guino


Jethro Cohen

Square Peg Capital

Graeme Caplen

Innovation Bay

John Minns

NSW Property Services Commissioner

Stuart Dullard




Starting from  08:00 AM 


Starting from  09:00 AM 


What are the challenges Australian proptechs face over the next 12 to 18 months? Proptech Australia President Kylie Davis sets the scene for our first Proptech Forum.


President, Proptech Association

Starting from  09:15 AM 

Never stop disrupting

After selling his first internet business, entrepreneur Fred Schebesta launched Finder with a clear focus and a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) which slowly grew into a self-sustaining global business that is now worth $300 million. But as the business grew, he found himself becoming destructive. Find out how he turned weaknesses as a founder into a super power. 

Fred Schebesta


Starting from  9:45 AM 

Lessons from Google & Uber 

What are the lessons that Australian proptechs can learn from Google & Uber? 

Founder of :Different, Mina Radhakrishnan reflects on the lessons of Silicon Valley and how she’s using them to disrupt Australian property management.

Mina Radhakrishnan

Founder of :Different, in conversation

Starting from  10:05 AM 

The future is disrupted

What social, demographic and tech trends are going to disrupt the type of technology we offer as proptechs? What are the expectations of our customers? Social scientist, technologist, evangelist, inventor, startup-tragic, researcher, and corporate executive, Nigel Dalton, examines how we now live in the era of a socio-technological singularity and what this means for your proptech. 

Nigel Dalton

Social Scientist, Thoughtworks

Starting from  10:30 AM 


Starting from  11:00 AM 

How I made my proptech worth millions

The past 12 months has seen a consistent stream of proptech acquisitions as established suppliers snap up quality tech and founders are rewarded for their hard work. Our panel discusses how it happened for them. 

Sarah Bell

Co-founder, AIRE

Peter Matthews

Co-founder, Realtair

Chris Spanos

Co-founder, IDS

Starting from  11:30 AM 

How Climate Change will Disrupt Residential Property 

Climate change is set to impact everything about property - how we fund, plan, build, sell, rent, manage and renovate. Perceptions of value are also changing with new rating tech to support regulatory changes catalyzing the market.

Melissa James

Senior Experimental Scientist, CSIRO

Starting from  11:50 AM 

The Property Market Economy - Headwinds or Hurricane?

Rising interest rates and cost of living, wage pressure and unaffordable housing are creating a perfect storm in the property market. Will the result for proptechs be less or more business and what should we do to prepare?

Eliza Owen

Head of Residential Research Australia, CoreLogic

Eleanor Creagh 

Senior Economist,Proptrack

Starting from  12:10 PM

Funding Challenges for Proptech

What does the data show about the state of Australian proptech, what is its impact on funding and the challenges we need to embrace next? 

AJ Chand


Jethro Cohen

Square Peg Capital

Graeme Caplen

Innovation Bay

Starting from  12:30 PM 


Starting from  1:30 A

Roundtables Session 1

Share your view and have your say in our interactive roundtables. We’ll be sharing the outcomes of the conversations with members and to inform future industry strategies.

Check out the Roundtable Rules of Engagement here. 

Data Integrations

Everyone wants to integrate and share data with everyone else but is that realistic or even desirable? This discussion explores  what good integrations look like, the need for common standards around integrations, the need for clearly defined swim lanes and how proptechs can explain data ownership  to clients.

Forms Live

Property Marketing 5.0

With so many sales and marketing proptechs in the market, is it possible to come up with an industry-wide view on how email, websites, portals and social should all be working together/individually around digital intent to develop a common language to use with clients?

Little Hinges

Payment Solutions

Are credit cards and direct debits 20th century dinosaurs or do they still have their place?  And what can PayID and PayTo teach us about secure account-to-account real-time transactions?


The Power of Better Valuations

Every bank and financial institution has its own rules for accepting or escalating valuations. So what possibilities does making data-driven AVM assessments more accurate open up? In this roundtable we unpack the PropTrack AVM and how it can be used by proptechs to power new experiences.


Improving Cyber Security Practices

What are the risks in current sign-on practices in play by most proptechs? How can they be strengthened and do we need new agreed standards? How can we encourage our users to adopt them?

Vertex Security

The Housing Affordability & Rental Crisis

What role can proptechs play in helping to address the current housing shortage? Who is doing what and how can we come together?


Starting from  2:15 PM 

Roundtables Session 2

Leveraging Data for Listings and Leads

Sales listings and lead gen tools are the most hotly sought after solutions in proptech. We explore what good leads look like and the new datasets and technology driving conversion and ROI.  


Employment strategies in a tight market

The cost of developers is at record levels and keeping staff is increasingly costly. What are proptechs doing to attract and retain the best staff and what does the employment horizon look like?

Capstone Recruitment

End-to-end property transactions

If real estate was a football match it would be full of dropped passes. How do we create a seamless end-to-end property transaction system from search to settlement and where are the gaps?


The hot topic of property management

After criticism in the trade media, we’ll explore current issues in PM tech, encouraging adoption in an exhausted sector and how we can improve adoption and integration. 


Commercial Property 

What are the key challenges for the commercial property sector and how can proptechs overcome the challenges of selling into the big end of town. 


Environment & Sustainability Proptech

Green is the new black but how do we genuinely make the property sector more sustainable, especially when so much of it is existing property stock? We unpack the issues and look at how the industry can engage in a coherent narrative.

Weldonco Advisory

Starting from  2:50 PM 

Grab a quick coffee

Starting from  3:00 PM 

The biggest challenge for founders

Being a proptech founder can be hard both mentally, emotionally and physically. In this interview, Ash Farrugia opens up about the life lessons he learned to become one of Australia’s most successful proptech entrepreneurs.  

Ash Farrugia


Starting from  3:20 PM 

Accelerating for Growth

What are the common mistakes that proptechs make when accelerating and what are the options for moving into overseas markets? 

Peter Schravemade

Managing Partner, REACH

Marie-Anne Lampotang

General Manager, Stone & Chalk

Stuart Dullard

Partner, Ashurst

Paula Guino

Senior Global Engagement Manager, Austrade

Starting from  3:40 PM 

The blockchain opportunity for real estate

New decentralised ledger technology has the ability to completely change how real estate is transacted. How could you use it in your proptech?

Dennis Hoenig

General Manager DLT Solutions, ASX

Starting from  4:00 PM 

Wrap of the Day & Close

John Minns

NSW Property Services Commissioner

Network Drinks


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