TeamLink becomes Gold Sponsor of 2024 Proptech Awards

TeamLink becomes Gold Sponsor of 2024 Proptech Awards

TEAMLINK takes pride in its role as the Gold Sponsor of the 2024 Proptech Awards, showcasing its unwavering dedication to innovation within the real estate sector.
Having clinched the Data Accelerator category award in 2022, TEAMLINK stands at the forefront of revolutionizing the Australian real estate landscape with its cutting-edge sales management solutions.

By seamlessly connecting developers, agents, and buyers, TEAMLINK simplifies the sales journey while centralizing contracts and documentation. Our platform empowers developers with a suite of tools to enhance project visibility, generate leads, provide real-time stock updates and notifications, and streamline sales processes. This includes offering marketing materials, digitizing paperwork, and engaging clients from inception to completion.

For buyers, TEAMLINK centralizes all contracts, receipts, and relevant paperwork, ensuring transparency and convenience. Buyers also benefit from regular updates on construction progress, valuations, and settlement notifications directly from the developer. TEAMLINK aims to offer buyers a stress-free experience while consolidating all purchase details for legal and financial purposes.

Walton Chu, CEO of TEAMLINK, expresses excitement about the collaboration with the Proptech Association Australia, stating, “TEAMLINK is delighted to continue partnering with the Proptech Association Australia to highlight the transformative benefits of new technology solutions for property developers, real estate agents, and clients. We are also eager to collaborate with other proptech colleagues for further integrations and advancements.”

TEAMLINK’s support as a Gold Sponsor underscores our commitment to propelling the proptech ecosystem in Australia forward.

Kylie Davis, President of the Proptech Association, commends TEAMLINK’s contribution, saying, “We are thrilled to have Walton and the TEAMLINK team support the Australian Proptech community.” As the Gold Sponsor of the 2024 Proptech Awards, TEAMLINK continues to set the benchmark for excellence in the real estate industry, garnering attention from prominent developers and agencies alike. Through fostering collaboration, transparency, and efficiency, TEAMLINK is spearheading a more streamlined and customer-centric approach to sales management and derivatives.