Sensor Global integrates with MRI Property Tree

Sensor Global integrates with MRI Property Tree

MRI Property Tree users can now access the latest in sensor technology in the home to improve the safety of tenants and reduce risk for landlords through a new smoke alarm integration with Australian proptech startup, Sensor Global.

Sensor Global has developed a revolutionary new automated ecosystem that uses IoT (Internet of Things) technology connecting rental property smoke alarms to the cloud allowing them to be managed and tested remotely, to better ensure tenant safety by reducing the chance of fire-related injuries and fatalities.  The MRI Property Tree integration means property managers can enjoy line-of-sight 24/7 365 days a year into the operational status of all smoke alarms – and other smart sensors as they come online – to better ensure compliance, safety and peace of mind for all parties. 

“We’re very excited to be integrated with MRI Property Tree, Australia’s first broad-scale residential property management cloud platform, and to build greater awareness of the benefits of IoT technology to property managers with MRI Property Tree customers,” said Sensor Global founder, Andrew Cox. 

We know that making Sensor Global alarm testing automated with the MRI Property Tree integration has the potential to save tenant lives by making it easy for property managers to test smoke alarm systems more regularly, or on demand, while using the software that is already the backbone of their business.”

Sensor removes the need for annual physical inspections of smoke alarms by providing for automated and remote testing of smoke alarms at the intervals as set by the property manager.  In addition, the Sensor platform auto monitors for any tampering of smoke alarms by tenants, which is generally a breach of lease terms in most states.

It makes life significantly easier and less stressful for property managers who no longer need to coordinate keys for access or organise times with tenants and contractors. All communication with tenants is automated and they are able to choose convenient times for alarms to be remotely tested so they are not disruptive. 

The integration provides for a full compliance audit trail being auto created for every alarm in every property, a feature that is certain to be loved by Property and Asset managers across the residential and Community Housing sectors. 

Australia recorded an average of 52 fire related deaths a year – 1 death a week – with over 67% occurring in residential houses according to the National Coronial Information System and over 43% while people were resting or sleeping. The data further shows 56% of fire fatalities occurred in homes that had a non-working smoke alarm. 


Landlords in all states are obligated to have smoke alarms installed, however  testing options to date have only offered property owners  once a year inspection generally, as “truck roll costs” for multiple annual inspections is generally prohibitive.  Once-a-year smoke alarm testing in reality keeps the property manager blind as to the operational status, or existence of smoke alarms in rental properties for the other 364 days a year.  


Sensors’ “always on”  technology platform, with  smart smoke alarms and multiple annual automated smoke alarms tests, changes the game and is set to significantly disrupt the current industry.  The Sensor service is significantly more cost effective per test  and should give property managers, tenants better peace of mind, and safety conscious  landlords with a better value option for smoke alarm management. 


The Sensor system sends an alert to the property manager if the smoke alarm is tampered,  damaged or requires maintenance allowing property managers to ensure compliance 24/7, 365 days per year.   


The Sensor cloud platform is self reliant and does not need any tenant wifi to ensure ongoing connection of smoke alarms to the integrated Sensor Network.


Steve Grubmier, director of Partner Connect APAC at MRI, owners of MRI Property Tree, said he was very  impressed with the Sensor Global technology and the quality of the thinking behind the product and its value to property managers. 


Sensor Global’s remote monitoring of smoke alarms is an innovative example of how emerging technology can support Property Managers by reducing their workload while also delivering better experiences and safety  to tenants,  and less risk to landlords,” Mr Grubmier said. 


“We love the fact that their roadmap includes water and gas leak detection and can see some very real safety, compliance and asset protection benefits from the Sensor Global system.”


To register for Sensor and enable the MRI Property Tree integration, go to: MRI Property Tree INTEGRATION LINK.  Or chat to the friendly Sensor team on 1300 000 944