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National awards dedicated to Australia’s Proptech Industry

It's time to stand up and be recognised! Celebrate the extraordinary innovation, solutions and achievement occurring across the proptech universe with the Proptech Association Australia’s third annual Proptech Awards. 

A gala dinner to announce the winners and highly commended entries will be held in Sydney on Wednesday July 19 at the Fullerton Hotel. 

The Proptech Awards offer 24 awards across three main categories: Start-Ups, Scale-Ups and Established Suppliers. This means you’ll be judged against your peers in terms of company size, the resources behind you and innovation maturity by our panel of expert judges from across the real estate, property and construction industry as we look at who has delivered the best tech across the past 12 months. 

Awards entry closes on May 12, 2023. Entry is free to Proptech Association of Australia members.

Who is Eligible to Enter?


These businesses will be up to three years old and may be working on an MVP or have developed a product that is in the process of winning its first customers or starting to attract clients. As a start-up you must be an independent proptech. If you are part of a larger organisation, you are most likely to be part of an Established Supplier or a Corporate Proptech. 


These companies will have been operating continuously in the Proptech sector for a minimum of three years but less than 10 years. They have a viable product and are rapidly growing their business and technology. As a scale-up you must be an independent proptech. If you are part of a larger organisation, you are most likely to be part of an Established Supplier or a Corporate Proptech.

Established Suppliers

These are companies which have been continuously operating in the property or real estate technology sector for 10 years or more. The technology you enter may reflect your entire platform or be a new product you’ve launched this year or a product that you’ve recently acquired into your portfolio of businesses.

Corporate Proptechs

In 2023 we have introduced our new Corporate Proptech of the Year Award to recognise the achievements of ‘intrepreneurs’ inside major companies. You qualify as a Corporate Proptech if you are an established property industry company, real estate business, large property owner or major corporation that has developed a proptech for either your own uses and/or for your clients.



Work out the Category that fits your business.

Are you a Start-Up, Scale-Up,  Established Supplier or Corporate Proptech? See the definitions following.


Name your entry

Once you have registered an account and started your entry, you will be asked to “name your entry”. Please ensure this name reflects either your Company or a Product/Service that is being entered - not your own name.


Which Industry Sector best suits your proptech solution? 

There’s eight industry sector awards  to choose from:

  • Efficiency & Optimisation 
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Property & Facilities Management
  • Ownership, Affordability & Finance
  • Consumer Proptech 
  • Design, Build & Development
  • Environment, Social & Sustainability
  • Data, Analytics, Insights & AI.


Open Awards

Consider entering our open awards:

  • Corporate Proptech of the Year 
  • Proptech Leader of the Year
  • VC & Accelerator Program of the Year.



Check out the specific criteria and write up your answers in a document. This will allow you to take your time and then cut and paste these into the online entry submission.


Start your entry

Industry Sector Award Categories

Each main awards category (Start-Ups, Scale-Ups and Established Suppliers) includes eight industry sector awards. When submitting an entry, please choose the industry sector which best defines your business.


These awards are designed for proptechs that support back end office operations, process and efficiency improvements and deliver automation and optimisation in property, construction and real estate businesses. Examples include but are not limited to CRM systems, back end office management systems, new process enablement, end to end transaction management and document management and automations that improve general efficiency. 


These awards are designed for proptechs that improve the sales and marketing functions and lead generation of the property, construction and real estate businesses, support sales growth or raise the level of property presentation with a view of achieving better sales outcomes. Examples include, but are not limited to, lead generation systems, marketing automation, marketing nurture systems, social and email marketing systems, or proptechs which improve how properties are presented, marketed and advertised, including floorplans, photography or virtual options. 


These awards are designed for proptechs that improve property management and/or facilities management through process and efficiency enhancements that make life easier for property and building managers, unlock unrealised asset value, or improve the end experiences of occupants and renters of either residential or commercial property. Examples include, but are not limited to, PM systems, BMS systems, trust accounting, facility management systems, strata management systems, asset management systems or platforms that support engagement with tenants and occupants in both residential and commercial property. 


These awards are designed for proptechs that tackle issues around property ownership, financing and affordability by expanding property purchasing options, creating new ownership options, new property investment products, or which deliver better or more transparent and efficient solutions that make it easier for buyers, sellers, builders and investors to transact. Examples include, but are not limited to, new ownership model proptechs, property investment platforms, valuation platforms, fragmented property ownership, build-to-rent or proptech hybrids that work across mortgages or insurance. 


These awards are designed for proptechs that deliver directly to a B2C market and empower property buyers, sellers, renters, investors or owners to make more confident property decisions, provide greater choice, or which deliver better or faster ownership or rental outcomes with less friction for property consumers. Examples include but are not limited to agent selection apps, property research, landlord direct platforms, owner builder solutions, tenant apps. 


These awards are designed for proptechs that improve and transform traditional design, build and development processes whether residential or commercial and which improve outcomes for architects, developers, builders and the construction industry or their clients. Examples include, but are not limited to, site assessment technology, design and CAD, technology that supports assessment of development applications, virtual reality tech, end-to-end design and build solutions, on or off site building or construction solutions.


These awards are designed for proptechs that deliver environmental and sustainability solutions, social and equality outcomes, reduce carbon and deliver easier compliance with regulation across the ESG space. Examples include but are not limited to proptechs specialising in more sustainable housing or building practices in both residential and commercial, IoT technologies that reduce carbon from building processes or improve building performance, smart cities and smart buildings, better building and asset lifecycle management, environmental proptechs, and proptechs that deliver better social and equality, health and safety and community experience outcomes within built environments. 


These awards are designed for proptechs that capture, analyse and create new products and solutions based on big data to improve the level of insights, analysis and adoption of AI within the real estate, property, building and construction industries. Examples include but are not limited to proptechs specialising in data capture & data architecture, the assembling, analysis and insights of major data sets to create new and valuable products, and data products for the real estate, valuation, building, insurance or financial sector. 


Each proptech or standalone product should be entered into ONE category that best reflects its functionality and solution. Do NOT repeat an identical submission across multiple categories in an attempt to maximise your chances. Click here to read more detailed examples of what is and is not permissible. If you are unsure about which category is the most suitable for your proptech, please contact


of the Year

This year there will also be five Best of the Best Awards judged from winners and finalists across the field.

  • Start-Up Proptech of the Year
  • Scale-Up Proptech of the Year
  • Established Supplier Proptech of the Year
  • Commercial Proptech of the Year
  • Residential Proptech of the Year

Open Awards

  • Proptech Leader of the Year
  • Corporate Proptech of the Year
  • VC & Accelerator Program of the Year
  • Proptech to Watch



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