National Awards to Recognise Proptech Excellence

Imagine the excitement of you and your team standing on stage in front of a room full of your peers holding up the trophy that confirms your status as an innovator and proptech success! The cheers, the claps, the photos that appear on social media!

The Proptech Awards are entering their fourth year in 2024 and will present 35 awards to the most innovative, successful and transformational proptech solutions. They are a pivotal part of the Proptech Association’s commitment to supporting, celebrating, connecting and advocating for the proptech industry and ensuring that the industry receives the respect

and recognition it so rightly deserves.

The Awards are recognised game changers for both finalists and winners, shining the light on the effectiveness and excellence of their solutions and creating powerful proof points for marketing and sales initiatives and an important confidence boost for your team.

Award entries close on May 6, 2024.

Entry is free to members of Proptech Association of Australia. If you’d like to join the association, click here. If you have any questions about membership, please email 

A gala dinner to announce the winners and highly commended entries will be held in Sydney on Thursday July 25 at the Fullerton Hotel.


These awards are broken into Startup, Scaleup and Established Supplier and represent the major categories of proptech.

  • Administration and Efficiency
  • Asset & Facilities Management
  • Consumer Proptech
  • Data Solutions
  • Property Management & Maintenance
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Valuation & Financial Solutions


Single awards will be presented across these specialty categories and are judged in an open category regardless of the age of the proptech. 

  • Affordability & Social Solutions
  • AI Empowered Solutions
  • Construction
  • Corporate Proptech 
  • Environment & Energy Efficiency
  • Off The Plan
  • Planning & Design


  • Proptech to Watch 
  • Best of the Best Startup
  • Best of the Best Scaleup
  • Best of the Best Established Supplier
  • Commercial Proptech of the Year
  • Residential Proptech of the Year
  • Proptech Leader of the Year

February 29, 2024


May 6, 2024


June 10, 2024


July 25, 2024




Work out which award fits your business

Identify which of the awards categories best fits your proptech and gives your proptech the best chance to shine. To do this is to consider your core purpose and ask yourself - which award best reflects my solution and would impress the customers I am trying to attract? 

Don’t overthink this too much. For example, if you are a sales and marketing solution that specialises in the off-the-plan or the developer industry, you are best entering the Off The Plan Award, not the broader Sales & Marketing Award where entries are likely to be across a bigger field and more varied. Go where you’ll impress future customers. 

Note too that in the Divisional Awards, three awards are presented for each category. This ensures you are competing against peers with the same level of experience and resourcing behind them as you. For definitions of a Startup, Scaleup and Established Supplier, see here.


Make sure you have your Membership number

The Proptech Awards are free to enter for Proptech Association Australia members. To confirm your membership number, please email Our Member Services Specialist, KC Rodriguez, will send you your number and/or provide you with the details to sign up. 

Note: Your membership must be current and financial by the time judging starts. If your membership is not current, your entry may be forfeited and removed from judging. If you have any questions, please reach out to KC.


Register your account and name your entry

Once you have registered an account on AwardsForce and started your entry, you will be asked to “name your entry”. Please ensure this name reflects either your Company or Product/Service that is being entered - NOT your own name. 


Identify whether you are a Residential or a Commercial proptech

Make sure you select the box that identifies if you are a Residential or Commercial proptech. This will make your entry eligible for the Major Awards in a second round of judging. 

To decide if you are Residential or Commercial, go with the option that reflects the majority of your customers, as you cannot choose both categories. For example, if you are 75% residential and have 25% commercial customers, choose Residential. Note that multi-family housing and large-scale development solutions are considered Commercial proptech because they predominantly serve commercial end of town clients.


Read the criteria

Check out the specific criteria for each award and familiarise yourself with what the judges are looking for. Remember these are annual rewards so you should focus on your achievements over the past 12 months. 

We strongly recommend you write up your answers in a document BEFORE you start writing in AwardForce. This will allow you to take your time and edit answers and cut and paste your responses. It also protects you from any glitches or crashes in AwardForce.


Register your account and name your entry


There are six main entrant categories in the Proptech Awards 2024. These are designed to reflect the level of resources available to your proptech in terms of funding, sales and people power, and/or recognise the specific needs of the sector that you serve. 

Open Awards

These are single awards presented across a specific industry subsector and are open in as much as all entrants compete against each other regardless of the age or experience of the proptech. In the Open Awards you will still be asked to identify if you are a startup, scaleup or established supplier however so that winners can be included in the final judging for Best of the Best.

Divisional Awards

Divisional awards recognise the experience, resourcing and time in market of the solutions that enter to ensure that peers compete with peers. 

Divisional awards are broken into Startup, Scaleup and Established Supplier. Definitions below:


Startups are defined as proptechs that are up to 3 years old as of May 6, 2024 and based on the time from which the Proptech became a full-time concern for its founders. Startups may be working on an MVP or have developed a product that is in the process of winning its first customers. As a startup you must be an independent Proptech. If you are part of a larger organisation you are most likely to be part of an Established Supplier or Corporate Proptech. 


These proptechs have been operating continuously for a minimum of three years but less than 10 years as of May 6, 2024. You have a viable product and are rapidly growing your business and technology. As a Scaleup, you must be an independent Proptech. If you are part of a larger organisation you are most likely to be part of an Established Supplier or Corporate Proptech.

Established Suppliers

These are proptechs which have been continuously operating in the property, real estate or construction industry for 10 years or more as of May 6, 2024. The technology you enter may reflect your entire platform, be a new product you’ve launched over the past 12 months or a product that you’ve recently acquired into your portfolio of businesses. Proptech businesses that have been acquired by a major supplier qualify under the Established Supplier category, regardless of how long their product has been in the market.

Corporate Awards

The Corporate Proptech of the Year Award recognises the achievements of ‘intrapreneurs’ and the incredible work being done in the proptech sector within major companies. You qualify as a Corporate Proptech if your technology is owned by an established property industry company (ie: real estate business, large property owner or major corporation) and your technology has been developed in-house, either for your own use, or for your holding company’s clients. Work that has been done by development consultancies on behalf of major clients also fits in this category. 

Best of the Best

The Best of the Best Awards are presented to the best Startup, Scaleup and Established Supplier. They are second-tier awards where the successful winners of each award are judged for a second time against their peers across all categories. Open Award entrants are asked to nominate their proptech stage so that winners of these awards can also be included in the Best of the Best judging. Entrants do not need to do anything at the time of submission to enter these awards. Winning your category automatically enters you into the second round. 

Residential & Commercial Proptechs of the Year

These are also second-tier awards. Winners and top 3 finalists of first-level awards are automatically entered into these categories and go into a second round of judging. To be eligible for the Residential Proptech of the Year or Commercial Proptech of the Year, you MUST select one or the other category for your proptech at the time of submission. 

Proptech to Watch

This is a President's Award presented to an early-stage proptech that has shown significant promise and/or has transformative technology. All early-stage startups are considered for this award. 

Tips to completing your entry



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