Inside the minds of software product managers
Australian technology recruitment company Real Time has released an industry talent report based on hundreds of conversations with in-demand software product managers. 
APAC GenAI spending to triple
Asia-Pacific companies are quickly ramping up investments in generative AI and entering a higher stage of maturity, according to new research from the Infosys Knowledge Institute (IKI).
Fact checking Australia’s housing affordability and supply issues
By Kylie Davis As Australians struggle with the challenges of affordable housing, the cliches of greedy landlords, sleazy real estate agents and dodgy builders are dredged up repeatedly. And now…
Are you ready for Proptech 3.0?
By Kylie Davis One of the biggest technology trends coming down the pipe is the rise of Web 3.0 which is going to significantly change how we use, engage with…
Should you trust ChatGPT to write your real estate content?
By Paula Shearer Artificial intelligence and its impact on humanity has been a scorching discussion topic for decades - ever since the term was coined at a Dartmouth College conference…
Tech gap gives weight to low office-occupancy data
A new national report has revealed that a lack of adequate office technology is impacting office occupancy in Australia, with 86% of Australians reporting an office tech gap. At a…
Never a better time to be in proptech
Proptech Association Australia’s inaugural Proptech Forum, Disrupting the Disrupters, explored the technology that is happening adjacent to the sector and the market forces happening around it. The day was wrapped…
$274m plus in proptech investment shows acceleration of the industry
The past two years have been extremely busy for proptech investment in Australia.  At the Proptech Association Australia, we have identified 18 separate transactions. We were only able to source…
3 Things People Hate about Real Estate
By John Minns To understand what people hate about real estate today take the example of Jess and Tom. The couple are excited. A new business opportunity, an interstate move,…
How to choose the right proptech for you
The most common question I get asked these days is "how do I choose the right proptech?'. 
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