25 February 2020

We’ve launched the association but we’re still a work in progress.

There’s quite a lot involved in getting a membership association up and running and the governance is strict. Once our registration is completed, we can apply for our ABN and set up the bank account. Then paid memberships will be due. 

Foundation Committee

For the first 12 months of the association, we will have a Foundation Committee – a volunteer group – to help get our key initiatives up and running. This will be made up of Foundation Supporters and selected volunteers.

The Foundation Committee will meet once a month via Zoom for the first few months to give us some momentum. After that, we’ll look to reduce the frequency of meetings to quarterly.

First Events

We were planning to hold a series of physical events in 2020 across the country which we have pivoted to a monthly webinar series called ‘The Proptech Panel’ which is free and delivered virtually.

Click here for more information.

Post launch, our first big event is The Proptech Popup on the Gold Coast. This is an “unconference” with a mix of a structured and unstructured format. Members will get a special code to save on their tickets to this event. 

We’re increasingly being alerted to international events. We’ll post these in the events section as we become aware of them. 


Everyone in real estate gets a prize. Or at least that’s how it feels. Why can’t innovators have their own awards? We think we need a night to frock up and celebrate. 

We are working to set up Excellence Awards to form the basis of our Proptech Association standards before the end of the year. We’re looking for supporters interested in making this a reality. If that’s you, email us. 

Affiliations with other Proptech Associations

The proptech universe is vibrant and global. Each week we’re learning of new associations out there in different countries, and we’re working to set up relationships with them to create reciprocal relationships. This will give our members access to international markets, global events and the opportunity to have a beer with new friends.