Member News
Complexity the culprit in slowing smart building revolution, says survey
Half of prospective buyers of intelligent building technologies are hesitating to make a move because of adoption and integration complexities, according to new research conducted by Facilio, a leader in the sector.
Association launches VC initiative for members
A Venture Capital (VC) committee has been established by Proptech Association Australia to help member companies unlock their investment potential and better understand the institutional investment landscape.
New i4T Global CEO pledges to pioneer next-generation innovations
i4T Global, a leader in the proptech and field service management (FSM) sectors, has appointed Sachi Wickramage as Chief Executive Officer.  Mr Wickramage’s career includes the delivery of more 50…
Acquisition of Dynamic Methods by REA Group not proceeding
Founder to lead the company into a new era of industry cooperation and technology development The prospective purchase of Dynamic Methods by will not proceed. The founder and CEO of…
Real Flow reveals acceleration plans
Non-bank lender Real Flow has secured a $50 million financing warehouse from iPartners to accelerate its growth in Australia and New Zealand.
Demand drives new solution for house-and-land industry
A proptech platform, designed to enable fast and efficient land transactions between residential developers and home builders, has created a new site function for managing exclusive stock agreements.
Sensor Global integrates with MRI Property Tree
MRI Property Tree users can now access the latest in sensor technology in the home to improve the safety of tenants and reduce risk for landlords through a new smoke…
Homegrown proptech startup bringing the industry and technology together
Disruptive proptech company LandNow is bringing builders and developers together with a live online  marketplace to manage, search and secure land. In a first for the industry, prop-tech startup LandNow…
Propic launches AI platform that speaks 14 languages
A new generative artificial intelligence platform, which can converse with clients in 14 languages, is set to go live this month with more than 60 real estate brands already on…
Altus Group to acquire APAC-focused Forbury
Altus Group Limited has signed a definitive agreement to acquire APAC commercial real estate valuation software provider, Forbury Property Valuation Solutions Limited. The deal marks a significant investment for Altus…
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