A national member association
to grow the emerging proptech industry

Our Purpose

The Proptech Association of Australia is a not-for-profit trade association that is a champion of the real estate technology industry,  and a leader driving the proptech conversation, and connecting proptechs to industry. 

We grow the property technology marketplace by helping the property industry feel more confident about adopting and investing in innovation, and building a community of bold thinking innovators who share their knowledge. 

We champion best practice, quality, collaboration and consistency and seek to drive growth through education, standards and industry insights to improve the experiences of our audience which includes: property and construction institutions, suppliers (proptechs), agents (intermediaries), owners, sellers, buyers, investors and tenants.

Goals of the Association


Create a connected national community across the spectrum of proptech and realtech that seeks to grow the industry through shared experiences. 


To create an educated marketplace for the products of our members.


To improve the confidence in decision making and execution of tech-adoption by the property industry. 


Identify key issues affecting the industry and rally the best minds to find and promote solutions to future customers.

Industry insights

Be an independent source of commentary that has a full industry view to promote and drive the industry. 

Why we need an industry association

1 More than 600 proptech businesses in Australia alone and the industry is growing rapidly with an explosion of startups over the past 3 years. COVID-19 has demonstrated how the industry can transform fast and is a massive opportunity for all proptechs.

2 Proptech businesses face common issues of accessing their market, customer education and engagement, solution testing, data access and integration standards, change management, tech fatigue, and dealing with rapid growth. 

3 The real estate industry is vast and disparate across residential, commercial and construction. We cannot rely on incumbent property industry bodies to represent our interests. And unlike other tech sectors (such as fintech) we are not governed by a consistent set of regulations nationally. 

4 But our own issues are consistent and common regardless of whether we’re building solutions for residential and commercial real estate, construction or property/facilities management and regardless of our geography. 

Together we can build a stronger proptech community, a mutually beneficial marketplace and lead the innovation conversation.

Foundation Supporters

We’ll be announcing exciting new Foundation Supporters very soon.
If you’d like to get behind the association, please reach out.

Community Partners

Proptech Australia shares updates with our members about overseas
conferences and events and provides connections to explore expansion
opportunities in overseas markets.