Single awards will be presented across these specialty categories and are judged in an open category regardless of the age of the proptech.

Affordability & Social Solutions

Proptechs entering this award deliver social and equality outcomes or have solutions that support supply and affordability challenges. Examples include but are not limited to: fractional, shared and alternative ownership models, small home and social housing technology solutions, proptechs that can demonstrate they impact the affordability of housing. 

AI Empowered Solutions

Proptechs entering this award have successfully introduced an AI-activated product or service that delivers machine learning and automation to the real estate, construction and property sectors allowing systems and platforms to behave in similar ways to human intelligence. Examples include but are not limited to: products where AI is front and centre as the key product, or AI enhancements to existing products and services that enable them to achieve new and greater results. 


This award recognises excellence in the field of building and construction through the digitisation or transformation of traditional building practices, methods and standards. Examples include but are not limited to new construction methods, solutions that manage building site efficiency, reduce build time, reduce rework or build costs or improve site safety.

Environment & Energy Efficiency

This award recognises excellence in the new field of delivering environmental and sustainability solutions for either residential or commercial properties, construction and real estate businesses. Examples include but are not limited to: proptechs that reduce property energy consumption, support carbon reduction, deliver efficiency and cheaper running costs, support triple bottom line accounting, measure or manage environmental impact, support sustainable energy creation, deliver electrification outcomes and improve the health, safety and long-term value of property through environmental and energy initiatives. 

Off The Plan

Proptechs entering this award provide solutions to property developers and building companies by digitising and transforming how new homes and property are presented and sold. This may include house and land, multi-family residences or multi-use developments. Examples include but are not limited to developer-specific CRM or sales platforms, house and land or new apartment sale solutions and developer planning tools. 

Planning & Design

These awards are designed for proptechs that improve and transform traditional town planning, design, and building approval processes. Examples include but are not limited to design, visualisation and CAD platforms, virtual and augmented reality platforms, technology that supports or provides superior outcomes in town planning processes and approvals. 

Corporate Proptech 

The Corporate Proptech of the Year award recognises the achievements of ‘intrapreneurs’ within major real estate, property, developers and construction businesses in developing proptech, either for their own use, for clients or the broader market. You qualify as a Corporate Proptech if you are an established property industry company, real estate business, large property owner, developer or major corporation. The Corporate Proptech award also covers tech developers who produce apps or platforms on behalf of a major client. 

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