What is the Proptech Association Australia?

The Proptech Association Australia is a national member association that seeks to grow the use of property market technology across Australia. We are passionate about making the processes for buying, selling, renting, building, investing and owning more transparent, easier and rewarding to make life less stressful for both consumers and professionals through well-delivered technical solutions. 

The Proptech Association Australia is working to grow the proptech market. We believe through industry collaboration we can be more successful at helping people understand the benefits of our solutions, than we can as individuals or individual businesses. We’re based at Stone & Chalk in Sydney and are currently hosting events virtually through our ‘The Proptech Panel’. Once the pandemic dust settles, we will be hosting physical events at Stone & Chalk in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

What does the Proptech Association Australia do?

Proptech Association Australia will be undertaking a range of activities to support the industry including: 

  • Regular networking events and meetups
  • Proptech industry awards
  • A Proptech Directory
  • Member discounts
  • Newsletters and member updates to help you get to know who’s who in the zoo

We’re based at Stone & Chalk in Sydney and host events in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. We’ll also

Who can join Proptech Association Australia?

If you’re a startup or have a business that is scaling and growing in either residential or commercial real estate, building or facilities management, we’d love to have you join us as a paid member so you can enjoy our member benefits.

If you’re a real estate agent, property manager, facilities manager, work in strata or building or just someone interested in the sector, sign up to our free newsletter or join as a supporter. To find out more, drop us a line.

Why should I join the Proptech Association Australia?

We think you should join Proptech Australia because you agree with our principal that together we can solve more challenges than we can in isolation. This idea of contributing to something bigger is an important part of our philosophy. 

But when you join the Proptech Association Australia, you’ll also get a host of member benefits to help you grow awareness of your own business. These include:

  • Ability to use the Proptech Association logo on your website to show you’re a trusted provider committed to improving the industry. 
  • Opportunities to promote your product and make connections with other tech businesses. 
  • Access to great networking events and conferences, including speaking and presenting opportunities as available. 
  • Updates on overseas opportunities for your product – and connections to people who can help you expand into new markets.
  • Networking with and support from like-minded members to help you grow.
If I’m a real estate agent, can I join the Proptech Association?

Our memberships are specially designed for tech businesses, but if you’re a real estate agent, builder, investor or just someone curious about the industry you’re welcome to join – although you may find that our free newsletter subscription meets your needs. You might also be able to join as a supporter. To find out more, drop us a line.

If I’m an industry association or major industry player, can I join the Proptech Association?

Major players are invited to become a Supporter of the Proptech Association and these will be customised to meet your specific objectives. Please drop us an email at help@proptechassociation.com.au to discuss further. 

I’m hosting a tech event and am looking for speakers, can you help?

The Proptech Association can assist event companies and franchise groups to identify speakers for key tech topics in the property industry. There may be a charge for this service.