Never a better time to be in proptech

Never a better time to be in proptech

Proptech Association Australia’s inaugural Proptech Forum, Disrupting the Disrupters, explored the technology that is happening adjacent to the sector and the market forces happening around it.

The day was wrapped up by New South Wales Property Services Commissioner John Minns who said the Forum had raised a number of items that he was particularly excited about.

“As a passionate property person for quite a number of years, and committed to the innovation and transformation of this industry – and also a slightly nervous investor in proptech – today has re-energised me on any number of fronts,” he told the audience. 

“Because the one thing that I have become more convinced than ever is that if there has ever been a better time to be in proptech in Australia, I haven’t seen it. 

“We’ve heard: the consumer’s there; we know the funding is available; the industry is coming on this journey more than they have ever come on this journey before and, we’ve got competition out there that’s fueling genuine innovation. 

“And if we don’t see that as an enormous opportunity, then I don’t know what an opportunity is.

“What I have seen is some quite amazing energy in this room, some amazing founders and people doing some very creative, very innovative and very smart things. 

“I congratulate you and say: the time is now.”