Blockchain opportunities for real estate

Blockchain opportunities for real estate

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) has the ability to completely change how real estate is transacted. 

At the Proptech Forum 2022, ASX general manager of DLT Dennis Hoenig (pictured) shared important insights into how blockchain may affect the industry’s future.

“I think my objective really is to whet your appetite around this blockchain distributed ledger technolog,y and leave you thinking about what opportunities are out there,” he told the crowd.

“There’s a lot of ideas, and we can throw some around, but as proptechs that really excites me – because you are the guys that are really going to enable these opportunities. 

“As ASX we have built a platform that is an enabler for creating use cases for Distributed Ledger Technology; but we don’t have all the ideas.”

Dennis said it was up to the innovators to start thinking about how the technology could be used.

Want to hear more from Dennis and his thoughts around blockchain technology in real estate and proptech? Click on the link below to see his full presentation at the Proptech Forum 2022.