Canibuild makes AFR Most Innovative Companies list

Canibuild makes AFR Most Innovative Companies list

Aussie start-up Canibuild has earned a spot on the 2022 Australian Financial Review BOSS Most Innovative Companies list.

The platform ranked second in the Property, Construction and Transport category, which was topped by Carter Hall for its Autom8 platform.

The prestigious annual list is judged on a rigorous assessment process managed by Australia’s leading behavioural science consultancy, Inventium, in conjunction with a panel of industry experts.

The assessment is based on Inventium’s Innovation Framework, which comprises the nine elements science has shown to drive innovation. 

The assessment also judges the organisation’s top innovation from the previous two years. 

Specifically, the judges look at how valuable the problem is that the innovation is solving, the quality and uniqueness of the solution and the level of impact that the innovation has had.

Canibuild scored high for innovation climate, innovation resourcing, and innovation communication. 

The team was awarded for prioritising the critical components that help innovation thrive, supporting their practices through the ideal amount of resources and finally, effectively communicating how each team member could become involved.

Founder and CEO Timothy Cocaro said the ranking was testament to the genuine, positive impact that Canibuild was having on the Australian and New Zealand construction industries.

“From the very beginning, the goal was to fix the pain points of the residential construction industry by developing a platform to replace outdated practices,” he said.

“This resulted in a phenomenal uptake across the home, pool, shed and granny-flat industries.

“We are incredibly proud of how far Canibuild has come in two years and the impact the platform has had on the many organisations – large and small – that use Canibuild daily to site and sell their builds.”

Since launching in 2020, Canibuild has revolutionised the way residential construction sites are sold. 

The true impact of the platform has been recognised by some of Australia’s leading home builders, with 45% of the top 100 being subscribers of the platform. 

Canibuild now has between 3,500 and 4,500 sittings per day, with more than 3,300 users across Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

The platform also won Proptech Association Australia’s 2022 Proptech Award for Sales and Marketing – Most Innovative Start-Up.

Mr Cocaro said Canibuild allowed builders to replace the need for physical site visits, drafting, surveying and estimating.

“It instead optimises this complex series of high-friction steps into an instant point of transaction,” he said.

“Canibuild clients can now go from seeing a project site virtually with a client to contract instantly. 

“This not only allows builders to be more efficient but also cover a much wider area geographically – which is a game-changer in an industry that is so fragmented.”

The AFR BOSS Most Innovative Companies List (previously the BRW Most Innovative Companies list) is now in its eleventh year. 

The list ranks the most innovative organisations in Australia and New Zealand, by industry, and is the only national list of its kind. This year it attracted more than 700 nominations.