Propti reimagines property reports and valuations

Propti reimagines property reports and valuations

Australian proptech startup Propti is gathering pace, helping hundreds of clients secure property reports in its first year of operation.

Propti has created a user platform that streamlines the process of ordering property inspection reports and valuations.

Up until now, real estate agents, solicitors, mortgage brokers, accountants, buyers and homeowners who wanted a property report had to find and engage their own professionals.

But after more than a year of establishing relationships and delivering projects, the Propti team said it had streamlined the report acquisition process.

Propti co-founder Jacob Isman said the company’s pioneering technology and extensive professional network had revitalised inefficient and outdated reporting processes.

“Our mission is to create an atmosphere in which all stakeholders interested in the real estate industry can network and order reports from a single platform,” Mr Isman said.

“Whether you are a buyer, vendor, real estate agent or solicitor, we aim to make it easier to purchase these reports.”

Propti users can either buy and download previous reports already on file for a specific address, or request a new or updated report to be delivered within a few days.

Mr Isman said the service provided new strata, building and pest, valuation, depreciation and QS reports faster than any traditional method by connecting users with its established network of professionals across Australia.

“Building from more than 30 years of combined experience within the finance and real estate industries, the Propti team initially sought to take the burden of time and costs off agents and solicitors,” he said. “Though buyers and homeowners reap the benefits too.”

Co-founder Greg Blumenthal said Propti was also designed to empower a network of property professionals who lean on each other’s success and expertise.

“We encourage all industry experts – from strata representatives, real estate agents and buyer agents to valuers, reporters and solicitors – to join Propti’s holistic service directory,” he said.

“Your skills may be beneficial to another’s success. Together, we’ll reimagine and revolutionise what is meant by property reporting and emphasise an industry-wide commitment to efficiency and speed.”